Why Choose Wood Effect Tiles?

About wood effect tiles:

Officially, wood effect tiles are comprised of porcelain or ceramic, but their wood-like textures and appearances are what separates them from most other choices in terms of style and practicality. Wood itself is considered to be a charming natural material with its many colours, tones and patterns, but with time it can eventually fade, weaken and succumb to damages such as cracks and breaks. A porcelain or ceramic wood effect alternative can provide the same desired classy and warming atmosphere to your space without the trouble of installation, maintenance or issues caused by age.

The advantages of using porcelain wood tiles :

Wood effect floor tiles are considerably more durable and are unlikely to take damage when colliding with heavy or sharp objects, furniture, falling objects, people or fast and forceful movements. Its high resistant properties make it particularly difficult to scratch, mark, warp or crack. When compared to natural wood, porcelain and ceramic substitutes are long-lasting as they retain their colours throughout time and are therefore unaffected by sun or water damage. Because of its unyielding characteristics, your style will remain consistent and your floors will not fade. Wood effect porcelain tiles are stain proof and are easy to maintain through regular cleaning. Most ceramic options possess a high chemical resistance level which makes removing a spillage simple and hassle-free. In addition, the material is highly hygienic as its inability to rot or absorb water makes it unsuitable for bacteria to develop. Unlike natural dry wood, porcelain and ceramic wood effect alternatives are heatproof and non-combustible. These tiles are less of a fire hazard and are incapable of changing colour or producing harmful gases when in contact with hot objects or flames. This property also makes the material more suitable for underfloor heating, which has less risk than hardwood flooring. As well as providing value for your money, wood effect floor tiles are more cost-effective than installing a traditional wooden floor. Per square metre, you can save money with a stylish, safe and low maintenance new floor, especially when you shop with tiles and mosaics.

Where wood effect tiles can be used

Wood Effect porcelain and ceramics can fortunately be featured in almost any room within your home. Due to their high resistance to impact, water and heat damage, these tiles will suit your bathroom, kitchen and living room areas

Styles of Wood Porcelain Tiles

A choice in wood effect porcelain or ceramic tiles is open to numerous possibilities for achieving your personal style. From dark oak wood to chestnut brown, you can stylise your kitchen and bathroom in a variety of colours and patterns. You may wish for a grey wood floor with a herringbone pattern or an acorn oak design across your entire living room space. Tiles & Mosaics offers a wide range of designs to choose from at great prices. Search for wood effect tiles online to find an ideal match for your home.

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