Zellige Wall Tiles

Traditional Zellige tiles originate from Morocco (also known as Moroccan tiles). They are flawed and lush with distinctive imperfections, with varied shapes and edges, the heavily-poured glazes create a myriad of alternating tones across the rippling surfaces.

At Tiles & Mosaics, we stock Zellige tiles in a range of dazzling colours to suit your personal taste including natural green, cool blue, charcoal black and pearl white. No matter what you choose, our Zellige tiles will undoubtedly make a statement to any space you install them in. Our Zellige range includes some of the most sought after Marrazzi Zellige tiles, not readily available in the UK.

If you would like to discover more about our this unique exquisite Zellige tile range, please read ‘everything you need to know about Zellige tiles’ and ‘Marazzi Zellige Tiles’. Find out what makes Zellige an on-trend style in 2022.

Browse our range of Zellige wall tiles below and find the perfect style for your bathroom, kitchen, fireplace or wet room. Why not explore the rest of our Handmade Effect Wall Tiles here.

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  • Cezanne Aqua Cezanne Aqua
  • Cezanne Green Cezanne Green
  • Cezanne Rose Cezanne Rose
  • Cezanne White Cezanne White
  • Zellige Argilla
  • Zellige Bosco Zellige Bosco
  • Zellige Camello Zellige Camello
  • Zellige Carbone Zellige Carbone
  • Zellige China Zellige China
  • Zellige Cielo Zellige Cielo
  • Zellige Corallo
  • Zellige Gesso Zellige Gesso
  • Zellige Lana
  • Zellige Petrolio Zellige Petrolio
  • Zellige Salvia Zellige Salvia
  • Zellige Turchese Zellige Turchese
  • Crucible Black Crucible Black
  • Crucible Green Crucible Green
  • Crucible Greige Crucible Greige
  • Crucible Beige Crucible Beige