The glamour behind Metro tiles

About Metro tiles

Metro tiles are a popular choice in recent years and that trend looks set to stay. Metro tiles are known for their brick-look glossy bevelled edge design that closely resembles the aesthetic of London Underground subway stations. No matter what colour or design you may favour, each tile provides a smooth surface and a shiny finish that draws attention to any wall they may be placed on. Metro tiles are also very robust which adds more to the timeless concept they bring with their retro style. 

The advantages of Metro tiles

Apart from their exceedingly glamorous qualities, metro tiles are very simple and convenient in terms of how and where they fit and how much attention they need to preserve their beautiful vintage appearance. They generally known to be are easy to lay, require very low maintenance and can potentially suit any wall you see fit. Contrary to popular belief, metro tiles are not restricted to kitchen and bathroom walls, as because of their versatility, they can be placed on any wall in any room where you think would be most appropriate. 

Another advantage is that they are easy to clean and like most ceramic or porcelain products, they cannot provide an ideal environment for bacteria to develop or thrive. This is partially why metro tiles are an ideal choice for wet rooms as their inability to absorb water prevents them from wearing or taking damage from moist environments. With a high chemical resistance level, they are very difficult to stain which also makes them an ideal choice for a kitchen backsplash tile option too.

Styling your home with metro tiles in ceramic or porcelain is very cost-effective and provides plenty of customisation options with a wide range of colours, shapes and patterns to complete your unique and engaging home interior. With our list of metro tiles, you can find your ideal colours and designs at great prices. From bold reds such as Farrow Emperor red to our popular Crucible range in 6 colours such as Bottle Green & Peacock Blue or a classic tile such as Diamante White Gloss, the right tiles are waiting for you at Tiles & Mosaics. 

Creating patterns with your metro tiles

Using Metro tiles gives you the advantage of creating a stylish feature wall. Their rectangular shape can help to lay them out in any way you choose. For instance, many homeowners traditionally place each tile in a brick by brick formation and even add further interest with a contrasting coloured grout.

However lately there has been a huge serge in creating a herringbone pattern with metro tiles to add that extra level of character to your walls or floors. You may wish to use this style or position your vintage tiles in a neat vertical or horizontal way. 

Example of a Herringbone Tile Floor Pattern…

herringbone Tiles

What size are metro tiles?

Metro tiles can come in a number of sizes so there is no need to worry about how they will fit into the space you want.

At Tiles and Mosaics, we offer a wide range of colours for metro tiles with eye-catching smooth surfaces and glossy finishes that bring the timeless beauty of the London Metro stations to your wall space.  

Order metro tiles online, in-store or if you need help, call us. We are always on hand to take your calls at 0113 2310 218 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Read our outstanding reviews.