The best sizes for Herringbone pattern tiles 

What size herringbone tiles you will need

Your chosen size of Herringbone pattern tiles ultimately depends upon what you intend them for. Whether you are looking to design the perfect wall, floor or backsplash, you will need to determine the appropriate height and width to avoid complications with the installation. 

Herringbone backsplash tiles

A beautiful Herringbone tiled kitchen backsplash typically requires small to medium size tiles as they will only cover a fraction of your room wall. Classic examples use individual tile lengths between 10cm to approximately 30cm or below such as 22.86cm (9 inches) depending on the size format of your backsplash. Whichever one you choose boils down to how much of your wall you are looking to cover. Common backsplashes usually fill a small portion of the walls they fit as the rest of the space is occupied by cabinets, cupboards and often an oven chimney. Any size that exceeds 30cm will likely cause design and installation complications that may comprise the pattern you are hoping to achieve. At Tiles & Mosaics, you can find excellent samples with dimensions of 250 x 50mm (Amadis willow wall tiles) or 240 x 60mm (Crucible Black) that are more than suitable for creating a stunning Herringbone pattern for your eye-catching backsplash.  

Herringbone Wall Tiles

Like your kitchen backsplash, a herringbone pattern wall typically uses tiles up to or below 30cm long to avoid the pattern clashing with the size. For walls that are not restricted by large containers, you will have more creative freedom and more options in terms of your choice of width and height. Popular examples range from 10 to 20cm long with heights between 5 and 7cm, but do not let these measurements restrict your imagination. With your wall being a big blank canvas, you can use 30cm tiles without fear of comprising your pattern. We at Tiles & Mosaics recommend searching through our selection of metro/subway tiles or ideas on your ideal herringbone pattern wall.   

Herringbone Floor Tiles

As you can imagine, Herringbone floor tiles are not restricted to a 30cm long limit as most choices can reach as high as 45 to 70cm long per tile. Like any other surface, you can select any tile you feel would be suitable for your chosen space, but we recommend looking at some of the most durable hardwearing options. Since your floor may be dealing with a lot of foot traffic, it would be best to browse for sturdy tiles such as Herringbone wood effect. Not only are they practical and come in the appropriate sizes but they also offer so much more with textures and colours that mimic the elegance of hardwood flooring. Alternatively, you could try stone effect tiles if you are searching for a strong floor with a minimalistic design and more colour options. 

Find at Herringbone Tiles and Mosaics

At Tiles and Mosaics, you can find a wide range of styles and sizes to create a stunning herringbone pattern for any surface you choose. Order tiles online, in-store or if you need help, call us at 0113 2310 218. We offer several delivery options across the UK and free delivery over orders of £500. We are always on hand to take your calls between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Read our excellent reviews before you buy.