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Marazzi Tile Stockists UK

Have you discovered Marazzi tiles and are you looking for a UK Marazzi supplier to source your chosen tile? Well, if so you have landed in the best place. Tiles and Mosaics are a leading Marazzi UK Supplier with a wide selection of Marazzi tiles in stock on our website.  We collect weekly from their factory, which means you can order ANY Marazzi product and receive your order in around 21 days.

Leading UK Marazzi Tiles Suppliers

Comprised of sublime Italian porcelain stoneware and ceramic, Marazzi tiles will fill any interior or exterior with style, sophistication, and undeniable beauty. Being a highly recognised tile brand, Marazzi tiles offer a wide range of stunning tiles for any space that deserves a spectacular design with a vast range of impressive colours, patterns, and textures. No matter what your project, you will always find the right tiles to match your vision.

Marazzi Samples

Have you found a Marazzi tile you love and want a sample? We deliver Marazzi tile samples across the UK. Whether the tile is in stock on our website or a Marazzi tile not stocked on our website, we can send you a Marazzi sample. Just get in-touch and we will get one organised.

Marazzi Grande Marble Look Capraia Tiles


Marazzi Marble Tiles


The beauty of rare marble, for iridescent floor and wall coverings. Marble has always been a decorative material that represents luxury and elegance, Marazzi marble tiles are multifaceted with colours, marbling, brightness that are unpredictable, and veining patterns that are unique. One of the most popular marble effect tiles we supply by Marazzi is the stunning Marazzi Capraia tile.

Whichever tile you choose, Marazzi marble look tiles will always bring a glamorous reflective quality with stunning vein or mosaic patterns to complete your home or building.



Patterned tiles and Zellige Tiles by Marazzi

It is hard not to find tiles that feature artistic, retro and modern patterns. Whether you are looking for simple angular shapes or fine complex details, Marazzi pattern tiles can provide exactly what you are searching for and more with a selection of colours such as deep blue ‘China’ and fresh green ‘Bosco’ Zellige tiles. Many designs can come in a variety of bright colours and mixes for home designers with a very spontaneous creative flair.  

blue zellige tiles

How Many Tiles Will I Need Per Square Metre




Wood Effect Tiles by Marazzi

Nothing achieves a natural look better than wood effect tiles and the choice from Marazzi will not disappoint.
Examples such as Treverkmade and Treverkcharme are perfect for bringing those warm comforting tones to your home and creating stunning herringbone tile patterns for your floors.




Stone Effect Tiles by Marazzi

Stone effect tiles are one of the best options for creating a strong elegant look for both indoors and outdoors. A fine choice from Marazzi would be Gris Fleury tiles, especially if you are looking for a tile that perfectly captures the rough natural aesthetic of earth made stone. This choice can come in many eye-catching colours such as Grigio, Bianco and Nero, and available in large slab sizes.


Gris Fleury Stone Effect Tiles

marazzi dust tiles



Marazzi Concrete Effect Tiles

There is so much potential with on-trend concrete effect tiles by Marazzi. This option comes in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns and where they fit depends on your project. For instance, you could choose the ‘Crucible metro tile’ selection to complete your stunning splashback or bathroom. This tile comes in six stunning colours and rough but shiny textures, Or Dust concrete look tiles for large format tiles with the original concrete look. 


Marazzi 20mm Porcelain External Tiles

Marazzi Extra Thick: high performance porcelain stoneware, 20mm thick, inspired by Stone, Marble, Concrete and Wood, for designing any outdoor space with exactly the right look. Excellent anti-slip properties and resistance teamed with outstanding versatility, thanks to the many different sizes, finishes, colours and trims. For design that fits perfectly into its context, in absolute stylistic continuity with indoor design schemes, Marazzi 20mm stonewares are in line with the most innovative contemporary trends.

2cm porcelain external tiles

Tile Inspiration and Ideas

Marazzi is well known for its boundless creativity and, the selection of tiles on offer provides enough freedom to find your own personal style. For example, tiles with a long oblong shape and varied colours and tones are ideal for creating herringbone tile patterns that fit beautifully in your home as a floor, wall, or backsplash. This applies to tiles with specific sizes but personalisation can also be achieved through shape and colour. Patterned tiles with simple angular shapes can create new and interesting styles that suit your personal style. If you are simply looking for an effect then a choice in wood, marble, concrete, and stone look tiles will fulfil your design needs and help your property stand out. 

Marazzi tiles from Tiles & Mosaics 

At Tiles & Mosaics, we supply a wide range of Marazzi tiles including stone, wood, concrete, and marble effect tiles that are suitable for floors and walls. Please check out our extensive range and purchase online or in-store in our Leeds tile showroom. The products on our website as those that are “in-stock items”.

We are able to get any Marazzi tile via special order, so if you have fallen in love with a Marazzi tile and can’t see it on our website, contact us. We can order it for you. Likewise if you want a Marazzi Sample, we can help.

If you need help, give us a call or send a message via our contact page. We are always on hand to take your call between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.