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A popular question asked by our customers is how many tiles will I need for my project and we are happy to answer this question, after all we are the tile experts. But if you want to be experts just like us then follow our simple guide on how to measure for your tiles.

First of all heres a list of all the items you will need:

  • a tape measure
  • a calculator
  • paper and pen
  • an extra set of hands (unless you are extremely confident or an avid DIY’er)
  • a teaspoon of patience

Measuring your floor area

The first step is measuring the floor area. Most tile shops work in the decimal system so millimetres, centimetres and meters so we recommended working with this but if you find it easier then inches and feet is also an option.

Step 1.

If your room is rectangular than first measure along one wall and note down the measurement followed by measuring along the second wall and noting down the measurement.

Step 2.

To work out the area you then multiply the first wall by the second. (This is when the calculator comes in handy)

So for example if our first wall is 300cm and our second is 550cm we multiply them to get 165,000 cm2.

Step 3.

Then we need to convert this into square meters so we have to divide our number by 1,000.

So 165,000 divided by 1,000 = 165m2

Step 4.

We now need to add in a little extra for wastage – 10% is usually enough

To do this just multiple your m2 number so in our case 165 by 1.1 which = 181.5

This is the amount of tiles in square meters that you’ll need for your room.

Measuring your floor when theres furniture 

Now we are going to talk about measuring a room that might have furniture e.g. a bath in the way. Don’t worry, it might look complicated at first but if you follow the steps below it won’t be too difficult.

Step 1.

Begin by drawing a plan of the room

Step 2.

Then you need to divide your sketch up into rectangle shapes, making sure not to miss out any areas. Give your rectangles names, using letters is usually easiest so A, B, C…

Step 3.

Now we simply work out the area of each individual rectangle and divide by 1000 to get the area in square metres (m2).

Step 4.

Then we add up all the areas and you have your total

So the square metres of A + B + C = the total

Step 5.

Finally we need to allow our 10% for wastage.

So take our total and multiply it by 1.1

And its as easy as that! You have just calculated the area of your floor next comes the walls. We won’t blame you if you go make a nice cup of Yorkshire tea before getting started on the walls.

Measuring your walls

Measuring our walls is similar to the first calculations as they are usually rectangular but sometimes they have windows or doors that have to be taken into account.

First we need to calculate the area of the entire wall, then we can subtract the area of the window or door.

Step 1.

Measure the length of the wall area

Step 2.

Measure the height of the wall area

Step 3.

Calculate the area of the wall by multiplying the Length by height

Step 4.

Now measure the window or door that’s on the wall

Step 5.

Now subtract the area of the window from the wall

Step 6.

Finally, add the 10% wastage onto our total (do you remember how, if not don’t worry, you have to multiply your total by 1.1)

Do the same for each wall you want to tile and then add the totals together.

Hopefully we have given you a helpful guide to calculate how many tiles you will need for your next project. Don’t worry if after reading our guide you still aren’t sure just give us a call on 01132 423444 or drop us an email at and our fabulous team of experts will be more than happy to help.

Once you’ve measured for your tiles, it’s time to choose them. View our fabulous range of tiles from patterned tiles to metro tiles on our website. Find inspiration with stunning designs such as Zellige wall tiles, suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces and wet rooms. 

Remember to read about calibration to help ensure that any extra tiles you add to your order are the same size.

We would love to see your finished projects. You can send us them on Instagram by tagging @tilesandmosaics

how to measure for tiles