How to Lay your Wood Effect Tiles

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Wood effect tiles are super popular and we aren’t surprised. They are so practical and versatile meaning they are perfect for use on walls and floors in any room of the house. When it comes to wood effect times, in addition to choosing the right size and colour you need to consider the laying pattern. Because the way the tiles are laid will massively affect the look of your space. In this blog, we talk you through wood effect tiles and the various laying patterns you can use.


Herringbone is bang on trend at the moment, whether you are tiling a floor, wall or splashback. This popular pattern has roots in period times but is full of character.

So how do you create the herringbone pattern?

Creating the herringbone pattern with your tiles is easy. Take two of your tiles (they must rectangular or metro tiles) and create a ‘V’ shape by resting the bottom of one of the tiles against the side of another. Keep repeating this over and over. Its as easy as that.


The chevron laying pattern dates back to the Bronze Age and was used heavily in 16th century Europe. It is a classic design where the tiles meet point to point, like a zigzag pattern.

When laying Chevron flooring the top of the plank and the bottom are both cut off at a 45 degree angle. Instead of the tiles being laid next to year other you install them in a chevron or ‘V’ shape.

Random Planks

Laying your tiles in a plank format is a classic and timeless design. This design features the wood effect tiles laid at random (all facing the same direction). When laying them like this ensure that the tiles don’t overlap by more than a third, to create a smooth finish.

If you have any questions about wood effect tiles then contact our expert team tile. They will be happy to help. If you think that wood effect tiles would be perfect for your project visit our Pinterest for lots of inspiration and get your free tile sample today.

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