How to Clean your Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

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Keeping your tiles clean is really important not just to maintain good hygiene but also to keep them from getting damaged and wearing over time. So we’ve written this article to help you to keep your kitchen and bathroom tiles clean.

What Tile Cleaner Should I Use?

The best tile cleaner depends on the tiles you have, so its important to choose the right cleaner for the job. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles require different cleaning materials to natural stone or marble. Find out more about Ceramic and Porcelain tiles here

We recommend using natural ingredients to clean tiles when possible, a neutral cleaner for example dish soap and a cloth is the best way. Another option is to use vinegar, mixing 50% water and 50% vinegar together. Spray the solution directly onto the tile and wipe down. When using this solution you may have to buff the tiles dry to prevent streaks.

For textured tiles the method is slightly different, the grooves in the tiles require a smaller instrument so you might want to try a toothbrush. Baking soda is a great solution, by mixing 384 grams and 128 grams of warm water a paste is created. This paste is also great for cleaning the grout between your tiles.

Grout can get particularly dirty especially with floor tiles, things like dirty mop water or muck from shoes can get stuck. We recommend cleaning your grout at least once a fortnight. 

Cleaning your Tiled Splashback

Now when it comes to cleaning your tiled splashback, you are going to have to tackle grease and oil so we suggest cleaning regularly, especially after cooking to decrease the chance of build up. A great cleaning product to combat this is lemon oil, just a few drops straight on the tile and then clean with a damp cloth and water, The acid will remove the grease and leave your home smelling fabulous.

If you have any further questions about how to clean or maintain your tiles then contact our expert team tile. They will be happy to help. Remember to check out our extensive range for inspiration and find stunning designs such as metro, marble effect and Zellige kitchen bathroom tiles.

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