Terracotta Floor Tiles

Rustic floors look just fine when they are covered with terracotta tiles and they don’t come much finer than this. Unlike other terracotta tile suppliers, Tiles and Mosaics is one of very few suppliers that hold the genuine article in stock. These tiles are fully handmade by a company called Alteret in Spain who have been manufacturing terracotta tiles near Valencia since the 1960’s. You can find machine made versions and semi machine made versions, but real terracotta tiles are the most charming.

Fully handmade terracotta floor tiles (quarry tiles) are produced using refined earth that is liquefied, poured into moulds, dried and then fired in a kiln. The resulting tiles have enormous character – pitted, uneven, non-uniform in shape and surface texture, irregular in colour, they reflect the rich warmth of the land.

They are the land! Terracotta tiles do not have much added and not much taken away…they are natural tiles or “fired earth” tiles. Of course these tiles will need sealing, polishing and maintaining and like any natural material will acquire an ageing patina which enriches their appeal as they mature. Please read “how to clean terracotta tiles” for step by step instructions and top tips on how to clean and maintain terracotta floor tiles. Find beautiful orange tiles today with Tiles and Mosaics.

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