Everything You Need To Know About Zellige Tiles

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Getting bored with the classic subway or metro tiles look and want something different? Well, you won’t go far wrong with zellige tiles. North African tradition meets skilled Italian craftsmanship and chic interior design. Traditional Zellige tiles are handmade, heavily flawed, but luxurious with distinctive imperfections, the heavily-poured glaze creates a multitude of different tones across the rippling surface.

Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, to add a feature to a fireplace or focal point to a kitchen splashback, Zellige tiles have been a sought-after tile in 2021, and that looks set to stay in 2022. With this in mind, we answer some frequently asked questions on these beautiful handmade tiles.

How are Zellige Tiles made?

These tiles are handmade by craftsmen, meaning they are moulded, cute and glazed by hand. No machine involved. The first step is to mix natural clay (usually from Fez, in Morocco) with water. They are then hand-shaped, dried, and kiln fired using olive pits. After being fired, enamel glazing is applied to offer protection to the tile.

Are Zellige Tiles hard to clean?

Zellige Tiles are not smooth tiles, their rippled surfaces, uneven edges and small square size means Zellige tiles can be trickier to clean than factory manufactured tiles. This is because you have to clean in each groove. It is recommended that you clean them regularly with a  special sponge to maintain their beauty.

If your zellige tiles are uniform, they are not authentic!

The handmade charm of these tiles results in imperfection and unevenness on the surfaces meaning that no two zellige tiles are ever exactly the same. This isn’t a bad thing, the uneven look is what makes these handmade tiles charming, but this might not be for everyone. It’s important to note that since each tile is unique, the end result of your project will have an ombre or rippling colour appearance, rather than a solid colour. If you prefer a uniformed look then you’d be advised to explore other tile options.

Can I fit Zellige Tiles myself?

Consider yourself a perfectionist? Then you might want to seek out an expert to lay your tiles rather than attempting some DIY. This is because zellige tiles can be tricky to install and need special care so they don’t break or crack.

Do you grout Zellige Tiles?

When you fit zellige tiles, it’s recommended that you put them as close together as possible with minimal space between them. This makes the final look appear groutless which is the ideal look, again why it is advised that you enlist the services of a professional.

What colours do you stock?

We stock a range of colours which includes varying shades of blue from aqua blue to peacock blue, gorgeous green shades, rose pink, and lots more.

Are zellige tile always square?

No, zellige tiles are often small squares however they come in a range of sizes. At Tiles & Mosaics, we stock square zellige tiles and rectangular ranges such as Crucible and Cezanne.

How much is a tile sample?

Our tile samples are completely free! Just select your sample (up to 3) and add them to your cart. Then fill in the delivery details and we will send them out to you free of charge. Our free samples are a cut sample (approx 10cm square) from a whole tile. To find out more about tile samples click here.

Where do you recommend installing zellige?

We recommend using zellige on your walls or in light traffic areas such as wet rooms, bathrooms, and in kitchens for splashbacks. Zellige has a history of being used in wet areas like fountains and pools because their unique properties make them waterproof.

In addition to wet areas, the firing process zellige tiles go through makes them super resilient to heat making them perfect for surrounding a fireplace or hearth.

Are Zellige Tiles expensive?

Like with any tile the price depends on the space but on average zellige tiles are slightly more pricey than some tiles due to being handmade. To find out more about the price contact a member of our expert tile team to discuss the specifics of your project.

Zellige Tiles - Green Zellige Wall Tiles

Rose Pink Zellige Metro Tiles

lume white metro tiles

If this style is just what you have been looking for, please browse our collection of zellige tiles today. Find this exquisite range in several dazzling colours to suit your kitchen, bathroom, wet room or fireplace.