Encaustic Effect Bathroom Floor Tiles

Encaustic effect bathroom floor tiles are designed with both a traditional and contemporary look in mind. Often they have repeating patterns and a glazed finish and colours range from cool to dark tones, allowing them to be used to create individual contemporary looks.

Order your encaustic effect bathroom floor tiles online, or in our Leeds Tile Showroom alternatively, if you need help, call us. Why not check out our encaustic effect bathroom wall tiles. We are always on hand to take your calls between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday.

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  • Antares Antares
  • Sun Albali Hexagon Sun Albali Hexagon
  • Sun Alkes Hexagon Sun Alkes Hexagon
  • Sun Altair Hexagon Sun Altair Hexagon
  • Canopus Canopus
  • Moons Carme Moons Carme
  • Moons Elara Moons Elara
  • Moons Ersa Moons Ersa
  • Moons Europa Moons Europa
  • Moons Leda Moons Leda
  • Moons Metis Moons Metis
  • Moons Mix Moons Mix
  • Moons Phobos Moons Phobos
  • Moons Thebe Moons Thebe
  • Petronio Black Petronio Black
  • Petronio Light Grey Petronio Light Grey
  • Petronio Mid Grey Petronio Mid Grey
  • Polaris Polaris
  • Rigel Rigel
  • Sirius Sirius